nyc custom photo booths

Photobooth Revenue Sharing!

Successful in museums, shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, airports and other retail locations in the NY Metro area, an affiliation with NYC Photobooth becomes a source of profit for you. Helping to create traffic the buzz around the booth draws attention to your business. With customized graphics, the poser takes home a reminder of their trip to your location. A variety of pricing models are available, including a revenue share option that requires little up front cost to you.

Specializing in providing unique entertainment for your guests, NYC Photobooth offers customized branding in all situations.

  • NYC Photobooth provides and maintains a digital Photobooth at no cost to you
  • Cash, credit or debit cards accepted for payment
  • Multiple photo formats, color, black & white or sepia
  • Green-screen option for user choice of backgrounds
  • Email and Facebook uploads
  • Customized branding for photos and booth available